REVIVE by Retro Co Natural Botanical Hair Oil Serum named, “Best Global Hair Product 2019” at the Pure Beauty Global Awards

What an exciting week it’s been!

Retro Co traveled to Dubai this past week to attend the Pure Beauty Global Awards and we’re honored to report that our REVIVE by Retro Co Natural Botanical Hair Oil Serum was awarded, “Best New Hair Product!” Held each year at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai, the ceremony featured 500 entrees and honored finalists spanning over 31 categories ranging from inclusive beauty, to personal care and packaging design. The winners chosen by an international, who’s-who of beauty industry experts from retail, salon, supply and manufacturing.

REVIVE by Retro Co Botanical Hair Serum was originally created as a companion product for another Pure Beauty Award finalist, the Retro Co REGEN Hair Growth Laser, an FDA-cleared, LED hair growth stimulating and hair-loss inhibiting device. The 2-in-1 botanical oil derived from the rare, one-eyed virgin coconut from the Philippines enriches follicle health and stimulates new and healthier hair – “REVIVE is an active botanical that’s 100% natural and has clinically demonstrated to promote healthy hair and also, and perhaps more importantly, enliven hair follicles to help support a healthy growth cycle, which is something that until now, has not been fully achieved”, says Hatfield.

On winning the award Chaz goes on to say, “The goal with Retro Co Haircare has always been to be safe, natural and effective – we are very proud to be recognized as global leaders against some of the top haircare companies in the world.”

A massive thank you to everyone at Pure Beauty from all of us at Retro Co!

And we’re just getting started…

Stay tuned!

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