Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Yvonne Von Berg

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Yvonne Von Berg and Chaz Hatfield started Retro Beauty because they saw how powerful innovation could be for creating an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs. As global leaders in the development and manufacture of FDA Cleared at-home devices and high-quality personal care products, they knew their passion for leading-edge products would set them apart and empower Consultants to live beautifully in every sense. Yvonne is thrilled that everyone is falling in love with the proven quality of the personal care products as they turn back the ravages of time thanks to the technology of tomorrow. More than that, she’s proud to be leading a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs that is quickly becoming a family.



Jodi Soper has over 20 years of direct selling experience in sales, marketing, field development, operations, product development, regulatory and global expansion. Beyond her corporate experience, Jodi has built and led sales organizations at the highest levels of two distinctly different direct sales companies. With experience in over 40 countries she knows how to grow sales forces, drive revenue and empower others to achieve their goals.
Jodi believes Retro Consultants are the heart and soul of the company and every training, system, incentive and more should help others reach one step closer to their dream. When she’s not hard at work thinking of ways to make Retro Beauty an empowering environment where entrepreneurs will thrive, she’s spending time with her three children in Michigan. On the rare occasion she does have some downtime, you’ll find her in yoga class or at the beach.


Regional VP of Sales

Teresa Epps brings 30 years of experience in direct sales, leadership, marketing and communication to Retro Beauty. She is a certified leadership coach through both John Maxwell and Dr. Shad Helmstetter. She has coached and mentored many who have gone on to become 6 & 7 figure income earners. Before stepping into corporate roles, she was a top-level field leader for more than 20 years. Teresa has been married to her high school sweetheart for 41 years. They have 2 adult children, 4 grandchildren and currently reside in Nashville, TN.

Christine Read

VP of Consultant Central and Career & Guideline Support

Christine Read’s number one goal and desire is, and always will be, to help others learn and discover endless possibilities within themselves. This desire has played out over the years in her different roles as a proud military spouse, mom to three beautiful children, and now “CiCi” to a beautiful grandson. During the past 18 years this goal has also been an important focus while working with and mentoring some of the best teams, at some of the fastest growing companies in the direct selling industry. Her leadership philosophy is all about empowering others to look beyond what they see and to listen and discover what they can do to help others be successful. In her current role with Retro Beauty, Christine has the distinct opportunity to lead and teach a new team how to equip others to unlock their futures and reach their goals. For her, the ultimate success will be seeing Consultants prosper today, tomorrow and well into the future. As a self-described military brat and spouse, her family has lived in many parts of this amazing country. While she has a home and family in Ohio, and family in Pennsylvania, she now considers sunny Florida and her Retro Beauty family her home-away-from-home.

Cheddi Rai

VP of Information Technology

When offered the opportunity, Cheddi Rai was excited to bring his knowledge and experience in information technology, systems integrations and translating business processes to Retro Beauty. His experience in the technology field for various industries allows him to apply many best practices in the development of systems to support every Consultant. His primary goal is to ensure that every Customer, VIP and Consultant has a stable system for all things Retro Beauty so they can enjoy the benefits that come from a great product and business. Cheddi enjoys playing basketball and video games in his free time, and recently began cycling and is enjoying the new experience.

Lindy Hatfield Zinser

Director of Operations

Lindy Hatfield Zinser’s great passion in life is working with others in a team-oriented environment. She thrives in a fun, competitive, and organized atmosphere and enjoys connecting with people. She has years of experience leading Operations in cosmetics, skincare, haircare and medical device manufacturing. She currently works with upper management and suppliers striving to deliver high quality products to Retro Beauty’s customers. Lindy is no stranger to teamwork, commitment and results, having played four years of Division I college basketball and coaching six years of college basketball in Texas, going undefeated and winning an NCAA National Championship. Her competitive nature and team-building spirit has-been and will always be a part of her everyday life. As avid sports fans, she and her husband look to college football season and college basketball’s March Madness. She is a wife, daughter, sister, proud aunt and soon-to-be Mom. Family is the most important to Lindy, and she feels blessed to be able to work with a few of them every day.

Debbi Hatfield

Director of People Operations

Working as an advocate for others has just come naturally for Debbi Hatfield. Born in northern Ohio, Debbi earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree, majoring in Social Work, from Bowling Green State University, which steered her into the workforce of healthcare. Family has always been a priority and she was blessed to work in her family’s hometown healthcare business. This experience allowed her to develop her leadership skills as she spent over 20 years’ in top roles within healthcare and administration. Holding a license in Social Work and Nursing Home Administration in Ohio, prior to relocating to Florida, was instrumental in the startup of several successful family businesses. Now, she continues to share her leadership skills in People Operations and Talent at Retro Beauty. Debbi sees this as a continuation of her advocacy role and she surrounds herself with people who are full of laughter and excitement. Relocating from Ohio was not only for the sun, but a gift to bring her closer to her children and enjoy the addition of grandchildren. She has the good fortune of serving Retro Beauty where she is once again blessed to work closely with her family. Spending time with her children and watching her grandchildren grow has made Fort Myers, Florida, her home. She truly believes that there is no bad day when you can spend it with family, sun and at the beach!

Retro Gives Back

We are thrilled that you are getting involved in your community and want to serve others through volunteering. We would like to support you in your efforts by offering a complimentary Retro Gives Back t-shirt for you and your volunteer team of Consultants and customers.

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