We bring hope to those in need through the efforts of our loyal customers and consultants. We encourage our consultants to volunteer in their local areas for the betterment of their community. Whether it be supporting a cause for a specific disease or raising funds for community issues such as disaster relief, water cleanup, recycling or volunteering at a local charity organization to provide meals to those in need. Our mission is to help bridge the gap for those who need it most. You can get involved by volunteering and gathering a team of people for a specific project. We will even give you free retro Gives Back t-shirts to wear while you are volunteering.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is called the “silent disease” and affects 2 million people worldwide.
Supporting MS research efforts are near and dear to retro co’s heart as our CEO/Co-founder Yvonne von Berg’s mother has battled with the disease for decades. Yvonne has always known her mother as living with MS and she is passionate about supporting the cause for a cure.
retro co has chosen to partner with the National MS Society because they have had a huge inpact with the quest for a cure and support for those who live with MS.
Find an event near you and get involved! Send us your request about your involvement and we’ll send you a free retro gives back t-shirt.

Retro Gives Back

We are thrilled that you are getting involved in your community and want to serve others through volunteering. We would like to support you in your efforts by offering a complimentary Retro Gives Back t-shirt for you and your volunteer team of Consultants and customers.

Simply fill out the below form and let us know about your volunteer opportunity as well as the t-shirt sizes of all participants. Don’t forget to take lots of photos with your t-shirts on at the event and tag us on social media!

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